- Cover made ​​at the time. This is the maximum of the new Tapa Tapa Street Montera 47 (with Gran Vía), which opened on Saturday June 14. Meeting place for lovers of small gastronomic tapas, sandwiches, rice and dishes, accompanied by authentic German straws or a good wine in the style of Madrid. Hand-cut ham is one of the major players; gintonics bravas and a 'non-stop' kitchen. The menu surprised with the newest "montaditos" and tapas, over 50.

Tapa Tapa is a trendy and multicultural space. The living, clear and well-structured, known for its warm and noble elements - wood on the floor and chairs - and the vintage touches that give the bulbs 'views', marble tables, glass and white tile covering most of the walls, with some funny murals and large windows, offering a splendid light, allowing you to enjoy watching magnificent views in the heart. All decoration and friendly staff, creating a very welcoming environment for both breakfast, make a drink or to eat, to end the day dining with friends 'tapas' with straw in hand.