For traditional tapas we have all your favourites, such as bravas, squid tenticles, Iberian ham, croquettes ... Or the more modern and daring, fusing flavours in small dishes, such as vegetable tempura with romesco (Catalan nut and pepper-based sauce) foam, brie with truffles or courgette pastries with goat’s cheese. You’ll want to try them all! We have so many though, you’ll have to come more than once.

Made in an open kitchen, you can see the chefs at work. With fresh produce from the market, made when you order, never before. There are tapas from the sea, such as giant crab from Alaska, but also from the land, such as the potato omelette and salads, or pata negra (Iberian ham), such as the Iberian ham croquettes. Something for everyone! Could you live without tapas? Really?